Family History Detective

My interest in family history was sparked as a child in 1972 when a maternal cousin prepared a family tree of our Swiss ancestors.  The flame ignited eight years later when a paternal aunt presented her findings on another family line.  The desire to discover the details of my ancestors from remaining lines was a task that l was prepared to accept.
Acquiring a broad range of historical knowledge and understanding of archival records whilst majoring in history and criminology at the University of Melbourne, l felt equipped to tackle my personal history.  My ability to evaluate information and comment critically on primary sources and secondary material has allowed me to develop my research skills.
After unraveling an extensive personal family tree of 13 generations, l was fortunate to return to the University of Melbourne as a managing research assistant on three major academic projects.  Working on the Founders to Survivors, Convicts to Diggers and Diggers to Veterans projects, l honed my research and investigative skills whilst conducting cradle to grave studies on convicts transported to Van Diemen’s Land and service men of the First Australian Imperial Force.  As such l have developed an extensive knowledge of convict and military records.
Residing in historic central Victoria, l embrace the local history of the prolific goldfields. As the owner of Family History Detective: Tricia’s Tracings, l thrive on bringing your ancestor’s story back to life.  I take great comfort in knowing that my work will reinforce self-esteem in clients, as they learn of their ‘place’ within history – a history that becomes a legacy for their children and further generations to come.
I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Annalies, assisting with her research and collating genealogical data with local historical information to write personalized social histories of your ancestor’s lives.  Like Annalies, I am passionate about family history and look forward sharing our skill set to create detailed, informative reports for you.