Family History is my passion…

For many years I have been uncovering the mysteries of people’s past and uncovering the stories of their life. It all began when my dad and I looked into our own family history; after just a few hours I was hooked and perhaps a year later I decided to start my own business.  It has been such a rewarding career, and I can’t imagine now doing anything else.  In May 2015 I decided to earn some “genealogical” academic credentials and began studies with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies at the University of Toronto in Canada.  I completed 2 years of study in April 2017, graduating with a Distinction in all 3 fields – Australian Records, English Records & Methodology.  It proved to me the scale of this industry and how many resources are truly at our hands if we have the knowledge behind us.  I plan to continue my professional development with the University for many years to come – and began again in 2018 when I enrolled to complete the Irish Records Certificate.
To date my largest project has been the Tregurtha Project, a worldwide genealogical research project tracing every known Tregurtha, both living and past, and bringing them all together for future generations on the website  After 3 years as the genealogical coordinator of this mammoth project, I am still maintaining the website, writing the quarterly Tregurtha Project Newsletter, and liaising with new members…(and even meeting some of them for coffee which has been most rewarding).  As well as the Tregurtha Project, I am continually expanding my knowledge and genealogical contact base with regular Full Family History Projects and small blocks of hourly research to help others in their own ancestral ventures.
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In 2015 I founded Bygone Days Genealogy, a Genealogical Research Service with a vision to raise awareness in the community about the importance of our ancestors and keeping their memories alive through photos, oral histories, and penned memoirs.  We have a strong interest in meeting with local organisations to share our love of all things genealogy and to teach others what it’s all about.  In the future we would love to do an Oral History project in our local community, recording the voices and memories of the many older generation residents to preserve their emotions, stories and passions…and in doing so, leave their legacy not only for living relatives but for anyone in future generations of this nation.  Another proposed project is the research of  individuals buried in some of our surrounding historical cemeteries, such as Teviotville Cemetery near Boonah (now called Coulson); we would really love to research some of the older residents from these areas who have gone before us, and tell their forgotten stories.  If you would like to contribute in any way to this project, or would like to share your own history please  contact us.
In 2008 I traveled to Scotland and did some hands on research of my mother’s family at the General Register Office and the National Archives in Edinburgh.  These offices are among the best in the world for genealogy research  and the staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  My father’s side, both maternal and paternal, is from Holland and over the years I have found that the Dutch were excellent in record keeping with a wealth of accurate records since the early 1700’s, and most of these are online making it much easier when we live so far away.
Researching your family can be exciting and sometimes surprising or shocking.  During a Family History Project some people might find an ancestor who was connected to royalty, while others could find a great, great grandfather in their family tree who fought with Napoleon.  Whatever your story, everyone’s lineage is both exciting and interesting.  Whatever information is researched and uncovered over the years, all of it tells a story that can be handed down through the generations, and it is all a part of your genealogy; a part of who you are today.  Researching your ancestors always promises to uncover things you never knew, and give clarity to the memories you thought were just an old family tale.
If you think you would like to know more about the mysteries of your past please contact me anytime by email or phone.

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