My True Calling…

Genealogy and family history first really called to me seventeen years ago at the age of seventeen.  Immigrating from Iceland to Australia with my parents at the age of three I had an innate desire to find out about my Icelandic family and why my grandfather was adopted as a child.  This search led to the reunion of my grandfather with his long lost sisters, after sixty years apart. Since then I have been delving into my Icelandic lineage, with records dating back to the Viking ages.  I’ve spent the last eight years between my Icelandic lineage and my husband’s Dutch and Australian roots. 
I have always had a passion for history and I find great joy in helping people uncover the stories of their ancestors. 
I am currently preparing to embark on the next step in my Family History journey.  Next year, in early 2020, my family and I will be moving to Iceland for a year or more, in the hopes of learning more about my heritage and to enhance our children’s knowledge of their ancestors’ and where their maternal roots lie. 
My consistent volunteer work for Icelandic Roots has sparked within me a desire to record my own ancestors’ stories, and I hope to begin on that soon.  I am taking a break from my Genealogy studies and maybe one day in the future I will journey down that road again.
I will still be assisting Annalies as a Project Writer when possible, and would welcome any enquiries to assist you with writing your Family History.

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