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My specialty is Online Research, and after doing this for many years I am efficient with my time and effective with my research skills; this means I can keep costs to a minimum and reduce travel costs.  However, not everything is accessible online, and therefore other records that are vital to a project are sourced through the many networks I have built throughout Australia, the UK, United States, Canada, and most of Europe. 
I visit the QLD State Archives and the State Library of QLD on a regular basis, and I have colleagues at the NSW State Archives & Records Office, as well as in Victoria and South Australia. When required, we can to access the more obscure Queensland and Australian records that are vital for most Genealogical Research Projects.  
Ancestor Chart inlcuded with a Paternal/Maternal Project and a Full Family History Project
(Printed in poster size)
The project costs below are for a full completed project; I am happy to offer various payment options, either fortnightly or monthly, and you can do this by direct deposit or Paypal.  I begin a project on receipt of the first payment (20% deposit) – the full amount must be paid at least 2 months prior to the end of research.
IMPORTANT:  Please understand that you are paying me for my time and my expertise in genealogical research, NOT for positive results.  I give no guarantees that my research will provide you with the results that you desire – or the answers that you want.
***See CANCELLATION POLICY at bottom of page.


Single Line Project

The genealogical research of one parental line, i.e. one of your four grandparents’ lines.

$2,800 – Takes up to 6 months to complete.

Paternal or Maternal Project

The genealogical research of either your Paternal or Maternal Grandparents.

$4,500 – Takes up to 8 months to complete.

Full Family History Project

The genealogical research of both your Paternal and Maternal lines – therefore researching all four grandparents’ lines, giving your a completed family tree.

$8,000 – Can take up to 9 months to complete, sometimes longer depending on your heritage.

The Family Enterprise Project

The full genealogical research of both yours and your spouse’s paternal and maternal sides.  This can also be done for friends/colleagues etc.

$14,000 – Approx 12-15 months to completion.

Hourly Research 

$50 per hour – brick wall research (no minimum hours)
$80 per hour – consultancy, house histories, family reunions, Ancestor books, descendant chart work, all tailored research.

(All hourly work carries an offer of a discount for aged pensioners and disability pensioners).

Included in cost:
  • Minimum of 100 hours research for full projects
  • All printing and stationery, including Custom Designed Presentation Folders
  • All documents, photos, records etc that are allowed to be photographed, or are printable and downloadable, will be presented in the Folder(s). You will also receive a digital copy of each document and photo on a memory stick; which means you can share with other family members.
  • One Professional Colour Ancestor/Descendant Chart plus all Genealogical Reports
  • One Gedcom file containing all data about your family tree; names, dates, places, notes, sources, etc.  This Gedcom file can then be uploaded to your own Genealogical Software Program, or uploaded to or similar sites.  Once you have this you can add your own future research findings, you can upload photos, share it with family, etc.
NOT included:
  • Shipping costs when project is complete
  • Each project includes an allocated kitty for birth, marriage and death records required for research.  Many times further vital records are needed and therefore anything extra required after the kitty is exhausted, will be at an extra cost to you as the client
  • Specialist documents such as those that incur an extra cost when ordering them, e.g. Military service records
  • Extra Project folders and charts for siblings or other kin – we are happy to produce extra folders for siblings/relatives. Each extra folder will cost $120 to produce, each extra copy of an Ancestor or Descendant wall charts will cost between $80 to $150 each.
  • Research into European ancestors; whether German, Swiss Italian, etc.  The cost for research in Europe is often very costly.  I have colleagues in Germany, Italy, Denmark and Switzerland and therefore can facilitate research into these and other European countries.  Researching a European line will usually be at an extra cost of approximately $1,000-1,250 AUD. 



***CANCELLATION:  Once a Research Project has begun you are liable for the full amount of the Project costs.  If you choose to cancel the Project you will be required to pay any outstanding fees remaining and will then receive all research material done to date.  
**CANCELLATION PRIOR TO STARTING – Once a deposit is made for a Project that deposit will be forfeited if cancelled prior to the agreed start date – this covers materials already ordered as well as loss of income.  Please understand that we regularly turn down projects because of a full calendar, and so when a client cancels a project it means we lose the income from that project.  Bygone Days Genealogy will not be responsible for a client changing their mind.

AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW STATES:   If you have paid a deposit and cancel without good reason (for example, if you change your mind), you will lose that deposit to the business.  A fair deposit is usually considered to be 10% of the total cost of the service provided unless other factors, such as the potential loss or inconvenience to that business, justify a higher sum.
BYGONE DAYS GENEALOGY reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time.
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