“Through Annalies’s wonderful efforts and research I was able to meet my first cousin – and our elderly mother met her brother’s daughter for the first time!  Thank you, Annalies!

Annalies also provided a wonderful family “tree” for our mother now in her 90’s who lost a father and twin sisters early in her life. Annalies’s research showed us all how important our ancestors are to our lives today, their courage, love and determination is a strong contributing factor as to who we are today.

We are now in possession of family history going back many generations, we have links to extended family across the world and our children, and their children, will be blessed by Annalies’s research.  The “Tregurtha Project”, part of our family heritage dating back many, many generations exists due to Annalies’s  tireless efforts!

Annalies is a “gifted” genealogist!”

Diana Robertson

“Many years ago my grandmother began researching the Tregurtha surname, and through her exhaustive efforts I gained a yearning to complete the work she had started.  I first called Annalies back in March of 2013 and after speaking with her I was impressed with her proposal and so hired her to research my surname all around the globe, with the goal of eventually showcasing this on a website; today that website is known as the the Tregurtha Project.

During the last couple of years I have been more than happy with the work completed by Annalies and her team of researchers from America and the UK; they not only discovered new Tregurthas living in obscure parts of the world, but they uncovered every branch of the Tregurtha pedigree and brought together an international family tree of Tregurtha descendants who now have the ability to communicate with each other like never before.  I can definitely see the passion Annalies has for her work, not only through her quarterly written Tregurtha Newsletters, but also through her generosity in helping Tregurtha descendants know more about their history.  It’s because of this undeniable passion and love for what she does that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her expertise, and I look forward to staying connected and seeing what she achieves in her future genealogical pursuits.”

Tony Tregurtha

Co-CEO, Founder & President 

Enlighten Operational Excellence

“Thanks Anna for all the work that you did in researching our family story. It’s been so interesting to learn all about our family history and there were definitely a few surprises! Like the fact that we were once called ‘Fuggles’ (that got a good laugh from everyone). You are so thorough and professional and the way you set out the information that you provided to us was beautiful and so easy to navigate. I know that your business will be a success because you are so passionate about the subject and totally focused on each family that you are researching. Keep up the great work!”

Diane Spediacci

“Anna helped my family answer some longstanding questions about our heritage and ancestry. She approached our project with great sensitivity, tenacity and expertise. I know it was not easy to make the discoveries she made and took many hours of digging and investigating but it provided my father with some long lost answers for which we are ever grateful.”

Erin Williams

Allvisa Agencies Pty Ltd

I engaged Annalies over a period of 12 months to research my family tree.  She is extremely good at what she does, and I was very pleased with the finished product.  I have no hesitation in recommending Annalies as she provides both quality workmanship and detailed information. Sometimes she even goes beyond what’s expected”.

Glenn Malcolm

“  It was only recently when I was going through all the information you put together for my Family Tree that I realised what it meant to me, and my sister, to have all of this.  My husband and I were planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland this August but have put it on hold which has given me more time to look at all the information you put together.   Little things suddenly became important, i.e. I could actually see addresses where my ancestors lived and I wondered if those places would still be there?  Some people might say, as I didn’t know them, would it really matter?… but I know when my sister and I stood in front of headstones of men whom we never met but who are now buried in WWI cemeteries in France, we both became very emotional.  I would love to stand in front of a house or walk a street of one of my ancestors.

Some of the Christian names of family members also became interesting as my daughter thought she would like to consider them when her and her husband’s first baby arrives soon.  It has also reminded me how important the ‘stories’ are and that we need to record them before our older family members pass on, unfortunately, we don’t often think about this till its too late.

And what about my story; born in NZ, lived there till I was 20, moved to Australia, married an Australian, moved to Canada, had three children there, moved back to Australia after nearly 8 years, had another child here.  What will everyone think of that in 100 years!

As new grandchildren and sons in law come into the family all the more reason to update the information so it’s there for future family members who are interested.  It’s wonderful information to have and important to keep updating it.”

Janne McDonald

Dear Annalies – from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!  I gave the project to my dad for Father’s Day and the look on his face was priceless.  Your work was impeccable and so thorough and it has brought never ending pride and joy to my dad.  I wish I had the forethought to take a photo when he opened it but it will live on in my memory as one of those very precious moments.  Asking you to take on our project was by far the best decision I have ever made.”

Michelle McLeod (nee Cavazzi)

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